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The purpose of this site is to demonstrate various tracking techniques and features you can use with Logaholic Web Analytics. You as a visitor are now part of the traffic that we'll be analyzing for this site. So, don't be shy, click around the site and have some fun!

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What we're tracking on this page

All the essentials

IP, country, referrers, page views, user agents etc.

Advanced metrics

Form conversion rates, bounce rates, funnels, clicks

Optimization Experiments

A/B split testing some images, buttons and copy, email open rates

Extra data

Integrated survey system, remote content views, twitter & facebook

We love your feedback

How we are tracking what we are tracking

Basic Information

We collect data from the log files and use javascript to send tracking data to the log file.

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Events and Local Anchors

A site like this has lots of local anchors and javascript events. How do we track what is being clicked?

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User Feedback

It's always good to know more about your visitors. How do we collect some data for that?

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Exit Clicks

We have links to other sites on our page. How do we track which ones are being clicked?

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Try something new

What if I change the text in the blue banner above, would it matter?

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Site performance

How do we measure conversion rates? How to we analyze a funnel?

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Remote Tracking

How do we track views or events on other websites?

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How do we slice our audience into meaningful segments?

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What does Logaholic look like?

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